A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A single Undertale-style fight using the Unitale engine against a monster named for Irish mythology. My first effort in lua. If you've played Undertale you know the controls. If you haven't played Undertale go play Undertale.

Some unavoidable weirdness due to the framework I was using: Your inventory will always list a bunch of things called "Testdog" regardless of what you actually have. Select a Testdog to eat food. You start with 5 pieces of food and can collect more during the fight. You can eat it yourself to regain HP or feed it to Oilliphéist.

There is a way to spare him.


Same as Undertale - Arrow keys, Z and X

Undertale by Toby Fox

Unitale by lvkuln

Music by Motokazu Shinoda for Soleil

Install instructions

Run UNITALE_Alpha_0.2.1a and then in the menus select Oillipheist -> encounter.lua


UNITALE Alpha 0.2.1a for Linux.zip 18 MB
UNITALE Alpha 0.2.1a for Mac.zip 17 MB
UNITALE Alpha 0.2.1a for Windows.zip 16 MB


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This is a really tough for me! Great game and the controls are really good. I really enjoyed this.